Rae has always had an “out of this world” view on topics. She was always the one that everyone called to get advice from and to talk to. Having had her fair share of relationships, some failed, some wonderful, she has a great well-rounded view and ability to have a great conversation. 

Being a mom to three adult men has awarded her the opportunity to be comfortable with risks and less afraid of the unknown. She truly knows what it feels like to be someone’s first love.

Rae is easy to listen to and will have you giving her air high-fives from your car, home, work, or sitting on the beach as you listen to the I Talk Back RM Podcast!


Mandii has always loved to conversate. From her beginnings in elementary school, her mom was always told that she talked too much, or that she talked back. She has always had strong opinions and marches to the beat of her own drum. She doesn’t shy away from having hard conversations, and always seeks to understand.

When she is able to carve out time, she loves to hang out with her hubby and their daughter.

Mandii is at her highest energy when she is making a difference in other people’s lives. 

She loves having thought provoking conversations and is an expert at listening.